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Inspired by the art and tradition of the Masai tribe, this collection by Marco Bicego brings the strength and archaic elegance of the African culture to life through the artistry of the jewelry made in Italy.

marco bicego masai anello

Crafted in 18kt yellow and white gold, each of the stunning necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings feature textured hand-coiled strands gracefully layered together and accented with organically shaped, pronounced stations of diamonds.

looking back

It all began when Marco was a young man spending time at his father’s gold factory and saw a machine had jammed up, causing the coil to twist. The artisan was about to undo the twist when Marco seized the idea – and the coil was born.

marco bicego masai lavorazione 1

the delicate case of the coiled thread  gold

The craftsman carefully coils the thread of gold to obtain a delicate rounded spiral. With great precision he gives structure and shape to the strand of gold and crafts the jewel.

marco bicego masai oro lavorazione 2

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